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Nourishing Matters is about helping people to experience and nurture their intuition, natural capacity for healing, health and wellbeing. It is a holistic approach to health using art therapy and wellness coaching as effective tools for personal growth, transformation and empowerment.

Nourishing Matters, located in Melbourne's north east, provides individual art therapy sessions, school holiday workshops for children, reflective and vision-building workshops, and individual wellness coaching sessions.

art therapy

Children express naturally through the language of art and play. Giving children time to express feelings, fantasies, fears and conflicts symbolically through art and play allows for clarification and safe release, more... .


Did you know 70% of neurotransmitters in our brain are also in our digestive tract. There is a strong connection between what we think and feel (our mental state) and what is happening in our gut. more info...  ..


Feeling Vital? As women and mothers we need time for self care. Join us for Wise Women Self Care to learn techniques for achieving balance and enhancing your wellbeing & vitality. more info...