nourishing matters

As an art therapist and wellness coach I believe our health is everything. Helping people to experience and nurture their intuition, natural capacity for healing, health and wellbeing is my primary concern.  I take a holistic approach to health using: art therapy and wellness coaching as effective tools for personal growth and transformation. I provide individual and group art therapy sessions, reflective and vision-building workshops, a monthly nurture your vision group, as well as individual wellness coaching sessions. I work in collaboration with other healthcare practitioners, such as fitness centres, functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths and provide a variety of options for people to manage their health and wellbeing in a way that is self empowering.

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Amanda Hansen

BA (Vis. Arts) Sydney University
Dip. Transpersonal Art and Therapy Ikon Institute Victoria
CDAT Del Giaccos Neuro Art Therapy, Arthur Institute New York
Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment
Level 2 Wellness Coaching, Wellness Coaching Australia

Amanda Hansen

Art Therapist & Wellness Coach
Thermomix Consultant
Associate USANA Health Sciences

I have spent over fifteen years working creatively with diverse people and needs, most of which have been as an art therapist in the public and private health system and in private practice. Nourishing Matters was inspired by my desire to focus more on health promotion. In recent years I have developed a particular interest in the brain-gut connection, the role of whole food nutrition (especially with regard to children's health) and the health of future generations to come. My vision is to educate people from a young age about health promotion so that we can stop the rise of degenerative diseases, mental imbalances and reclaim our health. I believe our health is everything and that nourishing ourselves matters.