Group art therapy sessions provide an opportunity to experience the benefits of art therapy in a relaxed and supportive group environment. 

Amanda creates a sacred space for you to express and explore through art and feel your connection with yourself deepen. With each participant bringing their varied life experiences to the table, the group reflection and sharing time is rich. Often people can see things in your artwork that you may not have seen but that resonate with you. The potential for gaining insight and clarity is often magnified in group work. It is also a wonderful way to make new friends and feel part of a community.  

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The ‘Revive and Thrive’ weekend enabled me to reconnect with my inner wisdom in such fun, creative and insightful ways that I feel stronger in my own skin
— Monika Andrews
Amanda presented me with the skills and guidance to tap into my artistic self that had been dormant for many years. My approach to art, both my own and others, is far more insightful and appreciative. I can now approach my painting in a more relaxed and freer manner than ever before, just letting myself ‘be’. It is a total turn around for me and a wonderful gift. I am looking forward to more classes. Thank you Amanda.
— Marg Farnfield