Individual sessions provide an opportunity to explore and creatively address difficult issues. 

Amanda provides a safe nurturing space for you to explore and express yourself.  If you are new to art therapy Amanda will guide you through this process. You may choose from a variety of mediums which include: drawing, painting, clay-work, collage etc. No prior art experience is necessary.    

Creative expression is followed by a time of reflection and discussion where you will often gain insight and clarity. Each session is confidential and provides a record of your internal processing.  Initial sessions run for 1.5 hours. Ongoing sessions are usually 1 hour, but longer sessions can be arranged. 


Art therapy has given me meaning and purpose. I engage with art therapy on a regular basis. It helps me shift energy when I am stuck and gives me clarity in my life
— Novah Lamberton
I walk away feeling like I’ve really been validated, both by myself and by Amanda. That’s what makes it feel like a gift. Through these sessions I’ve learned to work with art in a whole new way that is both freeing and nourishing
— Name withheld by request