"In the secret places of childhood, the soul drinks deeply, is refreshed, and flourishes"

Children express naturally through the language of art and play. Giving children time to express feelings, fantasies, fears and conflicts symbolically through art and play, allows for clarification and safe release, leading to resolution through the child’s own imagery and imagination. The child learns that they can both manage and face their fears, leading to increased self-confidence and reduced anxiety.

Our school holiday workshops imagine yourself magic provide a space for children to explore and express feelings and emotions in a fun and supportive environment. 

What past participants and parents have said: 

               “i enjoyed the story and my favourite part of the workshop was making the animal”

               — lucas, 8 years old

“i think lucas got value out of the workshop, it certainly gave him an avenue to be reflective”

                — emily, parent

“it was fun and i really enjoyed the artwork that you got us to do...my favourite part of the workshop was when we named a feeling and had to express it on a piece of paper.”

                — chiara, 8 years old

“chiara really enjoyed the experience, she liked finding the butterfly as a symbol to express some of her feeling...a great experience for chiara, thanks amanda”

                — nicola, parent

AuthorAmanda Hansen